What does live3one mean?

An empowering hypothetical woman is described in Proverbs 31. She is admired for her wisdom and faith; she is a creative businesswoman; she is optimistic but realistic; she is dependable; she works so hard that her arms are strong and she remains emotionally strong as well; she always looks ahead and plans for the future; she gives to those less fortunate without batting an eye; she is respected, so those she surrounds herself with are also respected.

live3one is a Christian-based lifestyle company that isn’t exclusive to Christians. It’s exclusive to people, both men and women, who can read about her and think, “I want to be more like that.”



The first time I sat down in a room of like-minded people and allowed myself to truly belong, I felt at ease. Like I was letting out a breath of relief that I’d been holding all my life. Growing up I desperately wanted to belong, but never felt like I knew how. Suddenly, I was 20 years old and choosing to sit in a room with five strangers, all openly talking about our lives: the good surface-level stuff like hair and clothes, but also serious things I didn’t even know I believed until I heard myself saying everything aloud. As if spilling my deepest darkest secrets to a room of women I had just met was something I did all the time. It was so easy. After that night I was finding myself weaving in and out of social situations with relative ease. l learned to have the mindset of “either I can give them something, or they can teach me something…maybe both.”

That’s what I want to recreate here: a sense of belonging. A sense of community. A place to talk about the fun topics (recipes, clothes, etc.) and be able to dive a little deeper just as easily. Like sitting in a room of people with whom you instantly know you can be real with. The idea is for everyone to feel like they have a place here, but that they can contribute too.

So read blog posts and hopefully get something from them, share your thoughts in the comment section, tag live3one in your relevant posts so I may share them, join our Facebook group, submit designs to be sold on products in the online shop, just be a part of the community. As someone who has struggled with shyness most of her life, I won’t say “Don’t be shy” like it’s easy. Instead I’ll say “The door is open. Come on in.”


Giving Back

An important part of being in a community is giving back to it. There is a greater community than this one which we all belong to, called humanity. Mimicking the ideal of giving to those less fortunate as the Proverbs 31 woman does, a percentage of the proceeds from my online store goes to charities that are centered around helping people and doing good.

While I sell my own designs as well, the shop is just as much a part of the community as the rest of the contents on this blog. Collaborating with people and giving them a chance to showcase their work is incredibly important to me. If you have any designs, any ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s chat about it!

For more information, including the list of charities live3one donates to, click here. If you want to collaborate, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!

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