Redefining Strength

Brash and fervorous;


A muse for who lives inside her head;

Can I will her to come out;

To scream for me instead;


To be candid and raw;


Fear only known;

When it’s just foreign enough to be exciting;


Anger and strife and unkempt words;

Harsh and held so high;

Gorgeous without grace;

Marching through fire in solitude;

Born throwing fists before a simple compliment;

Inhuman, unfeeling, and always on top;


No one wants to paint a quiet leader;

But waves are not made with words;

No matter the amount of venom pouring from her tongue;


Woman and feminine;

Feminine and kind;

Kind and forgiving;

Forgiving and strong;

Strength does not scream the loudest;

Nor does it always have to whisper;


Passion manifested in every form;

She can lead;

Useful as she was made;


Vexation and recklessness are synonymous in nature;

There is more to strength than masculinity and aggravation;

Hone the skills you were given;


Boldness is not always loudness;


Standing firm in her beliefs;

Speaking with love;

Leading with intelligence.




Once woven into mine, these severed hands loved me then and they care for me now

But hands are not houses and houses only become homes if the people inside them bring inanimate things to life

A bedside lamp won’t just be a grey lamp with a white shade but a means of which to swallow every line Atticus Finch will speak past 3 a.m. when I’m feeling lost again

And my bed will no longer be the only place I can rest

I am cared for, I know, but love that was born without wings is a baby bird never taught to fly: jumping from twig walls and willing to die trying, so show him that wings are not evil extremities ready to steal him away

They are tools worthy of pride, capable of taking him anywhere his mind and body push him to go

And let him go there

This is the kind of heartache that camps out in the sun for so long it becomes dull, shriveled into nothing and obsolete

I can’t bring myself to throw it away; it’s become something to look at and remember that it once sustained entire lives

There are days to come when sleep will only appear because I am tired, and Joy will be sitting calmly at the foot of my bed waiting for me to wake up; get some rest and get back out of bed in the morning

Show me that it’s possible and I’ll tell them that I’ve seen it

We can be happy without metal chains slithering around all of our feet

You can love me if You want to, but I am prepared to embrace the entire universe regardless

To look at constellations like blueprints even if they don’t make sense yet; to build something out of the stardust anyway

I will live right here or in a thousand inhospitable places – anything You can imagine – and never hesitate to call it a home

Our home, full of life


Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford & Sons

The Greatest Poem Ever Written (Part Two)

I have a good friend who wrote me a birthday poem a year ago, so here I am returning the favor. Happy (now slightly belated) birthday The Ranting SBox! Here’s to more years of friendship, nerdy conversations, and bad poetry.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’ll start this one off

The same way as you.


Three years off putting up with my antics,

And somehow you’re still around.

True friends ’till the end.

You’re the coolest cat in town.


Last year you wrote me a birthday poem

And it won’t be soon forgotten

Because it was funny as hell

And the silliest present I’ve ever gotten.


So maybe I’m not as funny.

I don’t have great jokes!

But hey you’re 21 now;

How ’bout a rum and coke?


Yep that’s right,

We’re getting super old.

But we’ll never be too mature

To play Pokemon Go.


LOL just kidding.

I haven’t played since we went hunting

For rare Pokemon in Cityplace

And we both got basically nothing.


So here’s to a friend:

My eternal blogging buddy.

Someone who’s probably hung over by now…

I bet you’re feeling crummy.


Just drink some water, like you told me.

Get lots and lots of rest

And don’t become an alcoholic – you’re still in college.

You have to pass your tests!


Now get ready because I’m going to try to make you laugh:

A nose walks into a bar and asks for a drink.

The bartender says, “Sorry I can’t serve you. You’re already off your face.”

…Man I’m sorry; that joke really stinks.


I stole it from Comedy Central,

It wasn’t even mine.

I’m just a fraud.

Dirty, cheating, and lyin’.


Anyway I digress.

I’m just wishing you an awesome birthday,

That you got everything you wanted

And that’s really all I have to say.




Open Your Mind

Be fearless for what you may lose,
Because to gain eternity is greater.

Decide to see
Every passing moment as as thing of


The work of a passionate artist.

Think harder about
Right now;
Why your body feels so much
And your thoughts are in constant expansion.

Your growth is not your own doing,
But strength
Is a gift.


Hi! You may already know me as Gabrielle, but if you don’t it’s nice to meet you. Let’s be friends. Or, at least, we can mutually stalk one another’s blogs. That’s pretty much the same thing as friendship, right?

Before I dive in, let’s just chat for a second. If you knew me as Gabrielle Gillispie then you probably know that my blog was formerly almost 100% poetry. I loved it and I got to interact with a lot of like-minded bloggers as a result, but I kept feeling pulled in a different direction. I need to give back in some way, do something that can hopefully help people, something to really base a career off of and dedicate my time to. Don’t get me wrong, poetry can do all of those things and more, and I tried, but I wasn’t always being the best version of myself and that is where I had an issue. You know when you have this gut feeling that something isn’t working out, maybe you even keep getting signs that it’s time to move on and it stops being enjoyable, but you’re just not ready to listen for one reason or another? Yep.

Life goes on though and it didn’t work out for good reason. I’ve been developing this idea for a lifestyle company (for a lack of a better term) called live3one for a while, and it’s finally turning into something attainable. Something real with the potential to grow over time. I’m so excited about this project and I hope you all like it too!


What is live3one?

I’ll be honest: I avoided reading Proverbs 31 for the longest time because all I knew was that it’s essentially an outline for what a woman should be and I assumed it would be rather misogynistic due to the culture at the time it was written, but this is the only time I will proudly say the words, “I was wrong!”

The (hypothetical) Proverbs 31 woman is empowering. She made me simultaneously want to become a better person and feel like I was made the way I am for a purpose. That’s why she is the center of this blog. She is admired for her wisdom and faith; she is a creative businesswoman; she is optimistic but realistic; she is dependable; she works so hard that her arms are strong and she remains emotionally strong as well; she always looks ahead and plans for the future; she gives to those less fortunate without batting an eye; she is respected, so those she surrounds herself with are also respected. So on and so forth.

I also like the dual-meaning of live3one in reference to the trinity. You know – the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Three in one. Yeah. I thought it was kind of clever.

In essence, I wanted to create a Christian-based community inspired by the ideals of the Proverbs 31 woman, but it is not exclusive to either Christians or women. It is exclusive to people who can read about her and think, “I want to be more like that.”



The first time I sat down in a room of like-minded people and allowed myself to truly belong, I felt like I was letting out a breath of relief I didn’t realize I’d been holding all my life. Growing up, I wanted to belong but never felt like I knew how. Then suddenly I was (at least somewhat) grown-up and choosing to sit in a room with five strangers, all openly talking about our lives: the fun surface-level stuff like dying our hair, but also serious things I didn’t even know I believed until I heard myself saying everything aloud. As if spilling my deepest darkest secrets to a room of women I had just met was something I did all the time. It was so easy. After that night, I was finding myself weaving in and out of social situations with relative ease. l learned to have the mindset of “either I can give them something, or they can teach me something…maybe both.”

That’s what I want to recreate here: a sense of belonging. A sense of community. A place to talk about the lighthearted topics (like sharing recipes, outfit inspiration, and workout tips for example) and be able to dive a little deeper to talk about the bigger topics as well. Like sitting in a room of similar-minded people with whom you instantly know you can be completely honest with.

So the idea is for everyone to feel like they have a place, and can contribute in some way if you so choose. You can read blog posts and hopefully take something away from them, share your thoughts in the comments, join our (soon-to-be) Facebook group, submit designs to be sold on products in the online shop, tag live3one in relevant posts so I can share them, just be a part of the community. As someone who has struggled with shyness most of her life, I won’t say “Don’t be shy” like it’s easy. Instead, I’ll say “The door is open.”


Giving Back

An important part of being in a community is giving back to it. There is a greater community than this one which we all belong to, called humanity. (I know that was lame. I’ll see myself out.). Mimicking the ideal of giving to those less fortunate as the Proverbs 31 woman does, a percentage of the proceeds from my online shop will go to charities centered around helping people. And, while I plan on selling my own designs as well, I want the shop to be just as much a part of the community. I want to collaborate with people and give them a chance to showcase their work. If you have any designs, any ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Of course getting everything up and running takes time, but I want to do it right. I want to share your thoughts alongside mine, share your designs, talk to you, build a place where you can meet like-minded people, and so on. Stick with me, and we’ll get there before you know it.

Have any suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas? Comment below and I’d love to know what you think!