Ombre Pink Hair! (How-To) (Kind Of)

Boy, I never learn.

“I will never dye my hair again,” I stated emphatically multiple times after my first hair disaster that resulted in chopping it all off. I even wrote a post about the whole fiasco.  One single day after making this statement for the thousandth time, I found myself in the beauty supply store. Hair dying is addicting and I think I’m developing a problem…but my hair is pink and that’s cool so I’ll stick to my hair-damaging ways for now.

Alright, so I was blonde. It was weird and looking back at photos, I completely support my decision to switch to…well, any other color really.

This was pre-pink me:


Not the worst, but you know, also not the best.

I figured that I won’t risk bleaching heathy hair again after last time (ha…yeah we’ll see how long that mentality lasts), and my hair is already damaged so why not do something fun? Hence, pink hair.

I didn’t want my whole head to be pink though (my boyfriend says I have a little bit of punk in me, but I know I’m just not edgy enough to commit to a full head of pink hair), so I bought some root touch-up dye in order to achieve an ombre effect. At least, that’s what I was hoping would happen.

Surprise: it worked. I know, I don’t know how it worked, but it worked. I’m even more shocked than you are.


Post-brown dye (featuring a makeup-less me and fuzzy, product-less hair):


I did some research and decided to go for a not-so-harsh dye so I wouldn’t completely ruin my hair (again). I know everyone swears by Manic Panic, but I read a lot of good things about Punky Colors so I gave that a shot.

Cue me entering Ulta in hopes of finding a pastel pink dye (Cotton Candy), but they were sold out. Me being me (i.e. impatient), I opted for this color instead:


It. Is. Very. Bright. Maybe to someone who is used to fun colored hair it isn’t, but for this newbie it was a shocker.


So that’s the end result, right?

Oh, far from it!

The color ended up fading pretty darn fast, and by that I mean it was already a weird brown by the next day. Granted, I used a very small amount of dye due to how bright the color is and I only left it in for about an hour before rinsing it out.

After surprising my green-haired boyfriend with my semi-pink locks, I managed to convince him to re-dye his to match mine. Because why not.

So we’re standing in Ulta once again in the hair dye aisle, a sea of rainbow colors in front of us. We were trying to pick out some bleach for him when he gets this mischievous look on his face. Immediately picking up on what he was thinking, I said “NO.”

And yet somehow an hour later we were in my bathroom re-bleaching the already damaged part of my hair because, of course, it needed to be pinker. I also let him bleach it as some sort of show of how much I trust him I guess, despite me freaking out most of the time while trying to tell him exactly how to do it and inevitably washing the bleach out early because I got scared. Still, magically, it turned out great.

I mean sure he managed to bleach this one weird patch right against my scalp, but worse things could have happened.


(Yes, this is my phone background and yes I am the exact kind of overly mushy girlfriend I never thought I’d be.)

We match! Kind of. My hair turned out brighter because I mixed in more of the Flamingo Pink into the Cotton Candy pink than I did for him (the Cotton Candy alone was so light that it likely would have completely faded out by the next day…I know this because his hair is completely blonde now) (it suits him though) (even if I am a little biased because I think he looks cute no matter what) (sorry, I’m getting mushy again).

I ended up wrapping my hair in an old tee shirt and keeping the dye in overnight, which is also probably why mine is still pink.

But this color has been fun and when it fades too much, I still have a bunch of dye leftover to add a little in before a shower. It’s basically a tinted conditioner, so to my knowledge it’s not very damaging. I’m holding off on touching it up for now though because it does fade nicely into this pretty pastel peachy color (what I actually wanted to begin with).


So yeah, that’s the story of how I got pink hair.

It worked in my favor, but I’m sure if I told any professional how I achieved this look they would give me a mixed look of pain and confusion. But I’m just a girl who was tired of blonde hair and was also badly scorned by a supposed professional. I’m happy with it, it’s fun, and my hair doesn’t feel any more damaged than it was so I can’t complain. At first it was dry and weird, but after a couple days it went back to normal.

Comment below and give me some opinions, tips, whatever! I want your dyeing fiascos and success stories so I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what they’re doing.


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